Araki ryu Torite Kogusoku

荒木夢想流 Araki Muso-ryu

Araki Muso-ryu (荒木夢想流)

Araki Muso-ryu (荒木夢想流) was practiced at the Shinbukan (神武館), a jujutsu dojo in Ashikaga Village in Tochigi Prefecture from Taisho 11 (1922).  The head instructor was Takeda Tajuro (武田多十郎).  The school was sometimes referred to in documents as Muso-ryu.

The name, alone, is intriguing as it associates Araki-ryu and Muso-ryu, which as has been described in the section on "The Birth of Araki-ryu," may be linked.  However, "Muso" (夢想) is an extremely common appellation in koryu, and it may very likely be that this school was a late creation, perhaps even founded by Takeda.

According to the Bugei Ryuha Daijiten, the founder was Kurihara Yoshikatsu (栗原義勝).  There is no information to indicate that he was related to the Kurihara family that was so instrumental in the development of Isezaki Araki-ryu.  At this time, we have no actual documents from this school - just that it is mentioned in the book:  至誠報恩: 足利の誇り- Shisei-Houon: Ashikaga no Hokori. (The Pride of Ashikaga).