Araki ryu Torite Kogusoku

Kasumi Shin-ryu 霞神流 (aka Kashin-ryu)

Kasumi Shin-ryu (霞神流) was once a widespread school. It not only is long extinct, but there is also little documentary evidence available regarding this tradition.  It descended from Mori Kasuminosuke Katsushige, Araki Mujinsai’s most prominent disciple. The BRDJ (182- 184) cites it as being a ryu devoted to kenjutsu and yawara. It was prominent in Kozuke – perhaps as widespread as Kiraku-ryu and Araki-ryu. There were no known practitioners in the Showa period, however. 

Matters are somewhat complicated in that there are other ryu of this name with no particular relationship to Araki-ryu.  One of the most important is the Kasumi Shin-ryu of Morikawa Buzaemon, which seems to be related to Kito-ryu.  This ryu had kenjutsu, naginatajutsu, kamayarijutsu, and a sophisticated study of “keidomyaku bujutsu” – attacking arterial points, and flesh rending.  According to Mr. Aikawa, my senior in Toda-ha Buko-ryu and the last shihan of this tradition, his teacher trained by trying to rip apart connective tissue and muscle from a hanging side of beef.

Kasumi Shin-ryu's history is further complicated by Watatani’s references to the material of a Meiji period writer named Araki Rakuzan, one of these figures who had done “everything” and written about it.  He seems to be a similar figure to Sato Kinbei or Hatsumi Masaaki.  His tangled-up lineages include Kasumi Shin-ryu, but he also includes Saito Denkibo, the infamous founder of Ten-ryu who lived far earlier, and Negoro Dokushinsai, who founded the Tenshin Dokumyo-ryu kenjutsu.   In other words, Araki Rakuzan seems to have spliced together a lineage including several prominent swordsman of widely disparate ryu.  Unfortunately some scholars take what he wrote at face value, and reproduce it unquestioningly.

This is the only major offshoot of Araki-ryu of which we have no documentary evidence in the form of makimono.  Therefore, its curriculum is unknown.


(0)  Araki Muninsai Minamoto no Hidetsuna  (荒木夢仁斎源秀縄)

1.  Mori Kasuminosuke Katsushige  (森霞之助勝重)

2.  Yamamoto Kasuke Katsuyuki  (山本嘉助勝之)