Araki ryu Torite Kogusoku

上野荒木流 Kozuke Araki ryu

The most well-known factions of Araki-ryu today descend from lines that were associated with two adjacent han, the Maebashi (前橋) and the Isezaki (伊勢崎) in Kozuke (上野), an area also known as Joshu [上州]), current-day Gunma Prefecture.  There were a number of factions even within this small area.  Doubtless, the torite-kogusoku curriculum were almost identical among the various factions, but each group made different kata, albeit with considerable overlap, within the weapons curriculum.

Sankyoku Isezaki Araki-ryu, circa 1954 - photo courtesy of Hal Sharp

There are some characteristic eccentricities in the arrangement of Kozuke-area mokuroku which makes a makimono from this area instantly identifiable.  In particular, the name of the Hoben no Dan, one of the penultimate sets of kogusoku kata was eliminated, and the five kata were reordered and folded in to five kata of the Hitoshichi no Dan.  The bakujyojutsu (rope tying techniques) are also unique to Kozuke Araki-ryu, and in many mokuroku, ryogu-no-dan was reduced from eight to seven kata.  Perhaps the central figure in this lineage is Hōzaka Kuroemon Yoshihisa (方坂九郎左衛門 吉久), a sixth generation shihan.  All Kozuke Araki-ryu lines seem to have developed from this one man.

Lineage of Kozuke Araki-ryu

1.  Araki Muninsai Minamoto no Hidetsuna  (荒木夢仁斎源秀縄)

2.  Mori Kasuminosuke Katsushige  (森霞之助勝重)

3.  Yamamoto Kasuke Katsuyuki  (山本嘉助勝之)

4.   Takeuchi Kuroemon Katsuyoshi  (竹内九郎右衛門 勝吉)

5.  Takahashi Yoshiemon Morihisa (高橋儀右衛門 森久)

6.  Hōzaka Kurozaemon Yoshihisa (方坂九郎左衛門 吉久)