Araki ryu Torite Kogusoku

Tanaka Chouemon: 3rd Gen

Tanaka Chouemon & the Dewa Araki-ryu

Dewa no Kuni (出羽国) is an old province in Japan in the far north, which encompassed the majority of current-day Akita and Yamagata prefectures.  In the Warring States Period, the southern region around Yamagata was held by the Mogami clan and the northern part by the Akita clan, both of which were allies of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Dewa Araki-ryu is a lineage started by a 3rd generation shihan, Tanaka Chouemon. We have a copy of one shahon, dated within the 1600's, that, although to the far north, contains the classic mainline arrangement of the kata in the mokuroku.  As this document, which designates itself as part of Dewa, only goes to the sixth generation (being presented to a seventh generation individual), the ryu obviously to this geographically distant area quite early in its history.

Lineage of the Dewa Araki-ryu

1.  Araki Muninsai Minamoto Hidetsuna (荒木夢仁斎源秀縄)

2.  Mori Kasuminosuke Katsushige (森霞之助勝重)

3.  Tanaka Chouemon Katsuhisa  (田中長右衛門勝久)

4.  Higuchi Yozaemon Sadayoshi (樋口与左衛門貞吉)

5.  Yoshizawa Idayu Nobutoshi  (吉沢伊太夫信利)

6.  Miyazaka Jinuemon Norihisa  (宮坂甚右衛門教久)

7.  Kamitsu Shigezo  (神津重蔵)