Araki ryu Torite Kogusoku

松本荒木流 Matsumoto Araki-ryu

松本荒木流   Matsumoto Araki-ryu

Matsumoto Araki-ryu was the provenance of the Toda family, of Matsumoto village in present-day Nagano.  This village, near Matsumoto castle, was once held by the Hotta clan, referred to in the section on Sakura-han Araki-ryu.  However, it is likely that Matsumoto Araki-ryu was probably brought by the Toda family in Bakamatsu or Meiji period, several hundred years after the Hotta left Matsumoto for Sakura.

The main focus of this line of Araki-ryu was grappling – however, they also concentrated on naginata and sword.  The Toda family began practicing Araki-ryu around the beginning of the Meiji period.  They had a very complex curriculum, filling up twelve scrolls.  Within this curriculum were  San Ii Gohou Ken, forty iai forms, ten forms of rope tying and 252 forms of “shiai taijutsu.”  The dojo was located in the Shinmachi area of Matsumoto village.  At its peak, they had over 500 students.  We have no lineage of this school, only finding a notation about it in a history of Matsumoto-shi bujutsu.